Wheres the money honey

PPC that is pay per click. What is that? Don’t know yet then you must be new to the web. PPC means that you can earn while clicking on the ads. You have to first sing up with a PPC website and then view their ads for 30 seconds and you earn money based on the amount of ads you click. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You just got to view ads for 30 seconds and you will earn. If you follow this method then the only one who will earn is that website. Because per ad you will get only 1 cent or less. And all of these sites have a earning barrier to take out your money. Let’s say it’s around 5$ for some site and you get 1 cent/ad then you have got to view 500 ads/sites to get to the first barrier of taking out your money. Now you will be calculating how much time it would take to view 500 ads. I will do that for you
500*30=15000 seconds=250 minutes. Still it seems as a good deal doesn’t it? I would say it’s better than earning none. This is the rosy picture that these PPC sites will show you but in realty only these sites will earn from their advertising clients and not you. The PPC site and the advertiser both will get benefited but you will be left out. How? I would tell you.

The fact that these sites don’t tell you is you will be getting only 2 or 3 ads per day. That means if you get suppose 5 ads/day(you will be very lucky to get that) then earning 5 dollars will take 100 days. Seems like ages doesn’t it? No one will do that for 100 days at such low earning. You will surely start seeing the rosy picture and then will just give up seeing your earnings grow cent by cent. So the advertiser gets the visitors and they pay the site and the site also closes your account after few months and gets that money also and in the game only you are losing out. So what should you do then leave the option of PPC out. I would say no. But I just contradicted my above theory of no earning in PPC. There is a way out through this maze and that is of referrals.

That’s how people are earning at PPC. Because these sites easily give you 50% earning of your referral and the only way to earn from PPC is to create a huge referral network. But how to do that? Use your social networking contacts. Whether you use orkut, my space or any other site, doesn’t matter. Just spread the word out as well as your referral link and you will go raking in money. Another way to get referrals is to build a site which costs you around 8$(from godaddy) and little time. Then all you need is to comment on the related blogs for links. For learning how to build links by commenting click here.

If you follow these few tricks and steps you could be in for a surprise when you see your earnings because many PPC sites will also pay you when someone signs up under you whether he or she gives up or works it you get the sign up referral amount. So from now on just put your hands on some of the easiest money that is being made and it’s by Pay per clicking.