Webline Help Desk: Google Ranking

Just recently this day, it came to my attention that Google PR update has been done already! And its really too bad to know that I lost my PR for this blog and some that I authored. This would be the second time around! It really hurts ’cause after all doing the ways and means just to increase your PR the more you wanted too all you have to get is the least you never expected. I don’t really know what was really the basis of sustaining or gaining back your PR. For more than a year of blogging, I know that every single bloggers are aiming to hit a higher PR as we all wanted to receive a higher compensation on our blog. But how? Does anyone really know except from Google who are the master of this PR on how to maintain and gain back PR if everyone here is doing a paid blogging? And I’d like to stress out this ” SHAME to those bloggers who were saying that they are just blogging because they love and not for earning”… Of course we all do loved to blog since its a way to express our mind and give all our feedbacks. But don’t you ever dare to claim that your blogging just only because you love it and nothing more. ‘Cause if you do, SHAME ON YOU!


Nevertheless, does search engine optimization can really give you a guarantee that your sites will definitely gain a higher PR if you use to avail their services? ‘Cause if they do, I am really one of the people who will avail their services. But as far as I know and as far as I am concern, none of them can really guarantee you that your sites will be on higher ranking. Maybe they can really find ways and means to increase your PR but it only happens if you’ll pay them more bucks which I think is not justifiable. Asking why? Simply because, to think that Google PR is not constant then it means to say that if you had a PR of 6 this month due to their search engine services then don’t expect that for the following update it will increase. Only Google knows! HINT: Why you still need to avail those services if you, yourself can do it? Right? If they can then, why can’t you?

Eventually, my perception might be wrong for anyone of you! It may sound a negative feedback for any search engine optimization owners out there. But mind you, I am the owner of this blog and I am free to express what I think is right and what I feel is certain! All in all, its still a long way to gain back PR again. Need to work out once more!