Secret To Getting Stumbleupon Traffic

This month I got over 2,000 visitors from stumbleupon and the traffic keeps coming. I love sharing with you guys and gals how I do things. By me telling you how to get this traffic from stumbleupon will not only help your blog get tons of traffic but help my blog get tons of traffic as well.

Stumbleupon First off you must have the stumbleupon toolbar. So before you read anymore, go download the toolbar. I’ll be waiting. Ok, now that you got the toolbar let’s get into this.

Be Active First off you must be active. Discover new pages. When you make a post on your blog, submit that post to stumbleupon. Now remember if you submit too many of your posts without submitting pages from different websites you could get banned or just won’t let you submit your posts for awhile. (Don’t worry, I got away around this)

Build Strong Backlinks Ok, to get around the submitting your posts too much is pretty simple. First submit your post to stumbleupon, then go to and submit that same post to that site. Now go to the page where your article submission is and submit that page to stumbleupon. You just made your backlink stronger.

Getting The Traffic To get the traffic is pretty easy. You will need to add at least 10 active friends on stumbleupon. Every time you submit a post, send it to all your friends on stumbleupon. If its a really good article, ask them to send it to all their friends as well. This is why you need active friends. I got about 11 friends on stumbleupon and only 4 are active.

Important Note Make sure you stumble everything they send your way. YES, EVERYTHING!

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