Review Of The LG GW520 Cell Phone

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LG GW520 – It’s Got Style And Charm… But Seems To Be Underpowered Where It Counts

Sum n substance:

Thumbs up: Attractive design, simple interface, good price.

Thumbs down: At times the touchscreen fails to respond, clunky, absence of Wi-Fi.

Inside the trunk:

Camera: 3 megapixels

Video camera

Display: TFT, 262,000 colours, 240 x 400 pixels (2.8 inches)

Music player: MP3/ AAC/ AAC+/eAAC+ formats

FM radio

64-voice polyphonic ringtones

Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, instant messaging, email

Java games

Document viewer

Memory: 40 Mbytes plus microSD memory card (expandable to 8GB)

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Internet: WAP 2.0, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps

Quadband plus 3G HSDPA

Size: 107 X 53 X 16 mm

Weight: 125g

Talktime: 4.5 hours

Battery standby: 500 hours

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: This one from LG is definitely an enhanced version of the KS360 and by the looks of it, this one too looks like its going to be another smash. Also this one isn’t heavy on the pocket and one can obtain it for Free with £150 auto cashback from (Blue); or £129 on PAYG from Orange or £146.75 from Dialaphone (Black).Anyways let’s go ahead with the review and see if this one is worth all the talk…

This one is less of a smartphone and more of an QWERTY packing cookie oozing out loads of attitude. This ones got a neat elegant look with silver side trims. The keys also follow the minimalistic design. This one isn’t all that sleek at 107×53x16mm and weighs around 125g which makes it a bit clunky.

It’s got a 2.8inch resistive touchscreen without a stylus and below the screen there are three buttons. The talk and end button and a shortcut button which also doubles up as a task manager. All the buttons are covered with rubberized plastic which provide a nice grip. On the sides it has the volume rocker, memory card slot and camera shutter. The back houses the speaker and the camera lens.

The screen is vibrant and offers support for around 262,000 colours and 240×400 pixel resolution. This one like many others is a fingerprint magnet so one has to be extremely careful while handling it. I think this one can definitely learn a few touchscreen related lessons from the others in the category. At times I found myself firmly tapping all over the screen but to no avail. This at times can be irritating especially when your already hot under the collar and to add to it your phone throws tantrums as well.

It comes loaded with an accelerometer which switches to the landscape mode when you turn the handset.

The interface of the GW520 is pretty much similar to the others that are being offered by LG. Its got a nice set of widgets from which the user can use the widgets he wants on the home screen. However I would have loved to add new widgets on the main screen like the ones offered by Samsungs Touchwiz interface. Below the screen there are four fixed shortcuts-keypad, contacts, messaging and menu. Pressing on an empty part of the homepage will lead to the opening of a status page which offers information on the users connectivity, network and data usage.

The keyboard is quite roomy and has rounded keys arranged neatly in four rows. The spacing between the keys offers a comfortable typing experience. There is a highlighted square around the numeric keys. Also the keys are backlit so it can be used under dim-lit conditions as well.

This one has a new application called as the Livesquare which offers a way of arranging the contacts in the phonebook in a field,zoo or park layout with animated characters. Well its surley something I found fascinating but I wish there were more avatars to play around with.

The messaging options are also quite worth a look. The email set up is absolutely a cakewalk with the user just required to enter the username and the password. This one also supports threaded messaging wherein the SMS’ appear like IM conversations.

It comes loaded with a 3 megappixel camera which takes shots with a delay of about a second. This one doesn’t support autofocus, flash and doesn’t exactly have anything much too offer. Keeping the limitations in mind, the quality of the images is not all that bad. the images are pretty much bright and animated. The option of adding drawings, texts and icons is what really bought out the kid in me. Frankly I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Anyways moving ahead… the call quality of this one is pretty decent. Though the volume isn’t that satisfactory it is audible enough even in crowded places. There was hardly any static or interference and most of the callers couldn’t make out that I was using a cellphone. On the callers side though they had a few complaints about the voice being tinny at times. Also I would recommend using the headset as compared to the speakerphone.

One of its biggest drawbacks is that this one doesn’t support Wi-fi. Yeah, its true that this one is meant specially for messaging but then again with a QWERTY keyboard in front of you its very difficult to resist using the browser.

The music player supports MP3, AAC and WMA formats and the music player interface is simple to use. However, the sound quality through the speakers aint all that satisfactory so I would recommend using a pair of headphones. The video playback was decent enough though it doesn’t support WMV or AVI format, just plain MP4.

It has an internal memory of 40MB which can be extended upto 16GB by using the microSD slot. The battery life of this one is highly impressive with 4.5 hours talktime and 500 hours on standby. Now that’s surely a number.

Nitty-gritty: This one could be the perfect example of deceiving looks. Its got a neat little package which makes it look really attractive. However with the unresponsive touchscreen, the absence of Wi-Fi makes it more of a nice low cost introduction to touchscreen. This one could definitely do better with a few upgrades here and there.