Review Of The Bose QuietComfort 15

Sum n substance:

Thumbs up: High quality audio performance, efficient noise cancellation, comfortable.

Thumbs down: Expensive, could be a bit more robustly built, no Bluetooth.

Inside the trunk:

Design: Over-the-ear

Color: Silver

Weight: 0.5 lbs

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: This one from BOSE comes in after the QuiteComfort 2 and the QuiteComfort 3 and surely makes the best even more better. This time BOSE has tried to reinvent its own baby, the noise cancellation feature, to probably punch the ones who tried to copy its invention like Creative and Sennheiser right in the face… and surely this ones going to hurt bad. BOSE has left no stone unturned in making this one an absolute masterpiece.

As far as the designing is concerned this almost looks familiar to the QC 2 with hardly any difference. BOSE sticks to its iconic design with the over the ear design with earcups which can easily be swiveled around and put into the elegant case that comes along with it. With the headphones in it, the case hardly becomes any thicker than a CD case. And just for the convenience of frequent travelers this comes along with a “high/low” switch.

Though in the QC2’s even when the noise cancellation feature engaged, they had soft cushions which protected the users ears from the ambient noise. Also the QC2’s had the noise cancellation microphones only on the inside. In contrast, the QC15 has the noise cancellation microphones both on the inside and the outside which by the claims of BOSE increases their effectiveness. A few users might feel like they are traveling in a train in a tunnel because of the noise cancellation quality, this is just because there is some pressure created on the eardrums. A few might even find it annoying but once the music starts plugging in that feeling vanishes. And just incase the user finds it increasingly annoying, BOSE offers the 30 days- money back surety.

While on the move this one proves to be quite efficient because the battery life is pretty decent. There is hardly any chance that your music would leave your side while you are on the run. It has a battery life of 35 hours with a AAA battery which is fitted into the earcup on the right side. For those who still prefer the rechargeable option the Q3’s are always there to the rescue. I personally am a fan of the standard alkaline batteries just because of the fact that you don’t have to carry your charger everywhere you go to.

Since these are over the ear, expect a kind of a moist feeling below the cushions. Also it gets a bit difficult during the hot days to stick onto the cushions. It gets a tad bit too uncomfortable. For all those who love their short naps when on the run, there is good news because the cord can be easily detached and the earcups can be easily used to ward off any kind of noises on the way.

Coming down to the sound quality… the sound quality offered by the QC15 is far more superior than its other siblings. Its comparatively smoother and makes up for the bass mess that the QC2 was peculiar with. The bass and treble are far more crisp and nice. The audio is highly clear. Though at times this offers some sound distortion at the high-maximum volume range, at most of the times the sound is pretty much articulate. However I must add that not many hip hop fans will like this one. But then again its all a matter of choice.

Nitty- gritty: Well when I was handed over this pair my first reaction was “I want to listen to my entire collection with this one.” LOL. Sounds like a kid been given a chance to try all the pizzas in town with a new topping. Anyways moving ahead… this one is the most improved noise cancellation headphones I have come across and is also amongst the best. Like I always maintain that BOSE offers stuff at high prices and this one is no small bargain either. They are anyday better than the $350 QC3 headphone which surely doesn’t match upto this one in anyway. I would recommend this one to all the travelers who are seeking refuge from the noise in the surroundings with added high comfort levels.