Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft launch such a device which cover both the qualities of a Laptop and a tablet and name that brand as Surface Pro 3. The price for this brand starting at $1029 and reach to $1,299. This product was released after Surface 3, as the last one was liked by users very much. It is pretty good having a display of 12 inch with resolution of 2,160 / 1,440. Surface Pro 3 is the thinnest Intel Core PC in the tech market right now.
Some customers are not accepting this product due to high price. As Apple MacBook Air 13 inch screen cost $854 only in market and at Amazon store. If we take the example of Surface Pro 3 so it cost more about $129 than Other related top brands. Beside this if we are buying extra accessories for it, than the price will shoot to the sky. This is the main reason which customer do not accept for this brand.
You can get Surface Pro 3 for $799 with 4GB RAM, an Intel Core i3 Processor and 64GB Hard Memory. Let go ahead and talk more about this brand features and other characteristics.
Surface Pro 3 is more reliable than pro 2 and Surface 3. It feels more balance while holding the tablet in hands. Surface Pro 3 weight is 1.75 pounds. If you add surface pin and cover the weight will move up to 2.44 pounds. This weight is 3 time more than Apple iPad Air but half pound lighter than 13 inch Apple MacBook Air. I think it is not as bad, as some of the customer expect. They only afraid due to price but there are many more features attached to Surface Pro 3 as compare to iPad Air and other last released models.
You can set the tablet to a comfortable anger with adjustable kickstand. If you are using tablet while setting down it is quite easy to move it the the angel you desire. The angel changing will not provide you anything except the comfort and long time you can use it. The problem arise with kickstand when you dig it in your legs but this problem is very low as compare to Surface Pro 2. You can use this as a traditional laptop just like Apple MacBook Air or Dell XPS.
Now we are focusing on some other features of Surface Pro 3 like the resolution of 12 inch is far better than Surface Pro 2. Surface Pro 3 is designed with better resolution and bright and clear display which is good working on Windows 8 interface. HD Videos are looked great at 1080p and color pop and images look vibrant. Sound quality of speakers is very good. If you are using tablet on a computer table than you will analyze the clear separation of stereo. Front Webcam with 1080P resolution show smooth animation for skype and other video calling.
There is only One connector for USB 3.0 Port and a MicroSD Card slot. The surface pen is more stylish and best as compare to previous model. One other quality of this surface pen is not need not to connect it to the charging port. Replacement pen offer by Microsoft is about $4.99 cost to you.
The pen looks like a normal writing pen. When you click on the top mounted button a new black document will be automatically opened. This pen glides more easily on the Gorilla Glass. If you are moving the pen in a fast speed over the glass than a minor lag in drawing will be shown to you.
Simply Surface Pro 3 is far better than last model of surface tablets. If you compare it with other top brands you will still find it better in features. One year warranty is provided as a standard warranty for all Surface tablet models.