“Make Believe” For Sony PlayStation Network

The information that is coming from Sony in blog posts, news conferences, press releases has done little to answer the questions of what has happened to the popular gaming network and when we might expect that it would return and tales of “external intrusions” would give way to people talking about the latest games being released. After two weeks of misinformation, it seems that there is no definitive information as to when they would complete the rebuild of their networks with enhanced security. The “Make Believe” motto from Sony seems to be very appropriate right now to explain where everything is at and what they are selling to everyone.

We found that Game Insider News is asking the question of “Is Sony Trying To Make Believe?” and the continuing delays in the return of the gaming systems. The communications from Sony have been horrible at best with a lot of conflicting information being provided and rumors regarding the problems and rebuild of the network coming out with the result of things continuing to be worse than what is being reported. The increasing chorus of when or if the network will return continues in articles and Tweets with little coming from Sony to provide confidence in what is going on.

The credibility of Sony surrounding this whole situation is continuing to decline with them doing little in the way of damage control. Some are calling for a leadership change because of how things are being handled in this situation. Sony keeps dangling the gaming network coming back every few days and at this point, that carrot and stick concept is wearing thin for those in the gaming community.

While Sony has been offering free services on the network in an effort to keep people from jumping ship to another gaming community, at some point they need to deliver. With all the privacy concerns that users are having after the reports for exposure of their personal information, including the potential inclusion of credit card information, what are they to believe of Sony in looking out for their needs.

One thing that comes out of this is that Sony is still struggling to figure out what has happened and how it happened. All of the outside companies being brought in supports that idea and we can expect for Sony to make far more changes than they have tried to lead everyone to understand. With that, Sony has no idea at this point in time as to when their networks might be able to come back online. While they are critical to the user community and their revenue, they are forced to make sure that things are very secure when they are brought back. But, Sony needs to treat them with the respect that they deserve.

As with the Sony motto, they need to move beyond believing and actually communicate to the gaming community as though they are part of the company.