How do you know which Free Android Applications are right for you?

How do you know which Free Android Applications are right for you?

One of the best things about owning a smart phone is being able to fill up that phone with apps. Lots of new smart phone owners go crazy; filling their phones with every application they come across, whether or not they need them. The size and the scope of the Android app market make it easy to download enough apps to fill up your phone before you manage to find the apps that best suit your needs. Because we like you and want to save you time, we’ve thoroughly explored the market and have found some of the top free Android applications for your phone.

If you want an easy way to follow the latest news and weather conditions, the USA Today app is a good idea. Keeping up with the news, current events and weather is something lots of people enjoy. They also claim that doing so takes too much time and effort or that it costs too much. The USA Today free application from Android takes these worries away. With this free app you can check in with current events while you wait in line at the grocery store or have a moment of down time at work.

Loopt is a free Android application that is very useful. This is an application that allows you to locate your friends and family members. The only downside is they also have to be hooked up with Loopt. Simply send them a ping through Loopt and you will be given their location. A locator marker will pop up on a map that will help you find them if you want to get together with them. You can share many other things with them, too. This is a great application when you find yourself somewhere and want to see if any of your friends are nearby. It is a good way to find your kids when they arrive home late.

If you like to take photos with your Android camera, use Snap Photo to improve the quality of your pictures. The main function of Snap Photo is stabilizing the photos you take. This helps keep your shaking arm from turning a great shot into a blurry mess. Everybody knows that camera phones are very motion sensitive. Snap Photo is an app that can help you deal with that. When you have this kind of app on your phone you don’t have to worry about leaving your other digital camera behind. You can take photos with your phone!

Playing with all of the different kinds of free Android apps is fun. It won’t take long before you start to figure out for yourself which of the top free Android Applications is best for you. Of course, that will probably take you quite a while. Why would you download a bunch of apps you don’t need when doing so is such a waste of disk space?