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“Google does not allow me to figure ROI, Campaign Profits, Value per Visitor, Profit per Visitor, Cost per Conversion, etc… ”

This software is not just an amazing reporting tool. It is also a time saving, number crunching, result producing, profit focused tool that will shove you down the path to increased profits.



This ÝD                   or This ÝC

Looking at the chart you can tell in 2 seconds that you have only 4 ads that are not on page one. What if you had 500 keywords? Can you imagine trying to READ 500 values? Imagine the time-saving power of this chart.  We will be blunt here, Google’s reporting is a 98 lb. weakling. Ad Word ProfitSoft™ is the muscle-bound tool that is kicking sand in Google’s face.

You will instantly know if you need to increase your bid price or if the click thru ratio needs to increase, so that you can stay in the position you want. You can even see how increasing the cost per click will impact your profits.

“I never know how much I can afford to spend and still profit”

Not Anymore! You will now know how much you should bid on keywords. Google does not take into consideration how your cost per click changes, your ad position raises and lowers, or your click thru rates raise or lower, or your conversion rates change, or your sales volume changes, or how your profit is impacted. This software was designed to give you the Ultimate Weapon to Maximize Your Profit with Google Adwords.

First you need to know the value per visitor. Google does not show you this. Ad Word ProfitSoft allows to see, to the penny, the value of every visitor and how much you should spend. Not knowing this info is like driving blind. Knowing the value per visitor will allow you to figure to the penny what you should pay per click.




The Google Way D

Spreadsheet + Calculator + Time + Manually Figure Values







The ProfitSoft WayC

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“Help Me! I am never sure where I can quickly boost my profits.”

Now you can instantly see and feel how to Maximize Profit (and cut your losses) from Adwords with the information this software provides. Knowing this information is worth it’s weight in gold.

I won’t get into the whole psychology behind people’s ability to make decisions, but the majority of people make decisions by taking in a visual picture. Why do you think charts are used everywhere in life? People get over-whelmed by numbers and can’t make decisions based upon numerical data alone. However numerical data coupled with visual data is very easy to digest for almost everyone.

You will automatically see where you are losing money with the value being shown in RED. Plus some other cool time saving features that will show you areas to boost your profits.

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