Free Attraction Marketing Secrets

Secret #1 -Success does not come from your ability, but your attitude. What does this mean? Well that is a good question and one I have pondered long and hard. You see, many people are capable of building an online business. Most are intelligent people who are able to follow directions and learn from others. Most are willing and able to learn and do what it takes to build a successful business. So what could possibly hold people back? That is the million dollar question. Quite simply, without the right attitude and mindset you can not do this. Success comes from more than just knowledge. Success requires leadership which starts with a mindset and the way you see yourself. Which leads me to Secret #2-People don’t join businesses, they join you. This is very important to grasp and understand. People don’t want to know about your business, your company, your product, your service, people want to know you. Before somebody is going to spend money to join you in business they must first get to know, like and trust YOU. Rarely does a person sign up with you because your product is the best there is or your company replicated website did all the selling for you. It just doesn’t work that way and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be. Understanding this gives you the opportunity to start developing your brand, You, Inc. and building the business you deserve. Again this is essential because more often than not, people buy WHO you are before they buy WHAT you are selling. People are looking for somebody to lead them to success rather than a company to join or a product to sell. Putting it all together brings me to Secret #3-Lead with value and TAKE ACTION! Success comes from being the leader people are looking for. This means you must be offering something of value in order to lead. Give people good quality information before trying to sell anything. Remember, people love to buy but hate being sold. The great Zig Ziglar often said “You can have anything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Help others by sharing your knowledge and being the leader they are looking for. Of course, being a leader requires taking action. Knowing all of this and learning everything there is to know means nothing if you do not apply it. It is applied knowledge that produces results. Therefore, your value is not based solely on what you know but how well you can deliver it to others by taking action and being the best you can be!

I hope these secrets get you thinking, acting and moving. It took me a while before I put all this together and started doing what I set out to do. It is all to easy to get into information overload mode, a self-doubting mindset, or into the bad habit of always consuming but never producing. In the words of Jim Rohn, “To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract.”

So with that, stop following the 95-97%ers around, and start leading them!!!