Finding High Paying Keywords For Arbitrage

So I was talking to someone on AIM the other day and they wanted to know how to find good paying keywords for their arbitrage projects so I figured since I just got this blog tossed up today that I would start off by posting how I go about finding arbi keywords so here it is.

The first thing you do is think big and then think small, yeah sounds like a contradiction right? Well its not, its actually the theory behind arbi, you see you have to think large, actually no you have to think huge when searching for your keywords, think broad terms and then think of words that will have a high competition, the higher the Adwords competition a keyword has, the more money your going to make with it when doing arbi.

So once you’ve got a few of those words floating around inside of your head, take a trip over to Google’s External Adwords Tool and change the “Choose data to display:” drop down box to “Cost and Ad Position Estimates” then select your countries currency or just leave it on USA currency, then put the number “120″ in the “Max CPC” box. Now toss in your keywords and do a search.

What all of that will do is search for all keywords, if your wondering why I place 120 as a max CPC its because thats the Max CPC this tool will allow you to search for, apparently Google thinks you’ve gone nuts if your willing to pay more then $120 bucks per click, I personally think its crazy to pay more then $2 bucks per click.

Alright now organize that list by clicking on “estimated average CPC” a couple of times until the highest price pops up and look for ones that are over $30 bucks, these are the ones that you should average just under a buck per click for, the keywords with a range of $50 bucks or more you should be averaging at least a buck per click, most of the time more then that.

Sounds pretty cheap hey, Google charges $50 bucks per click per keyword for competitive terms but they only pay us Adsense publishers a buck out of all that, I guess after paying their own fees and paying thousands of publishers they can pocket the rest, no wonder why they drop billions here and their.

Here I’ll even toss out a few keywords to save you some time “isp hosting” returns a CPC of $47.60, “re morgage” returns a CPC of $51.32, and “morgage equity” returns a CPC of $45.59.

So by aiming for these high paying CPC keywords you can better your chances of finding higher paying Adsense ads for your sites but this does NOT mean you will get my quotes for these terms, there have been a few times where the terms I’ve found had a CPC well over $50 bucks but the ads on my site were only paying out .20 cents a click.

Now why the hell do you think I would have gotten such a low CPC for my adsense when my preliminary research has told me that I should be getting at least $1 per click? Well its not a problem with the research or the keyword I choose, it was a problem with my MFA site, I wasen’t using those terms in my site correctly and my targeting was off, which means that lower paying ads were being displayed instead of the ads I wanted to have displayed.

This is where I think some of the newbies get lost and give up or move onto a different keyword, you see finding a keyword or keywords to use with arbi is super simple, knowing how to implement that keyword or phrase become more complicated.

If you don’t know anything about SEO then I suggest you learn the basics now, not after you have tried and failed but before, read up about it and learn about it because believe it or not SEO plays a part in setting up our arbi sites even if we will be paying for our traffic.

Now back on topic, once you’ve found a couple related terms that have a nice high CPC we can begin to build our site, step one is to locate a domain name. Now don’t just go out and buy any domain name you can think of, take your keyword list and go to GoDaddy or wherever you buy your domains from and type those keywords in, so if your keyword is “apple is cool“, look for a domain name like Notice how I labeled it a .info, don’t bother spending money on a .com unless you have plans on developing it into an actual site.

The reason you want your keyword in your domain is because this will help target your Adsense a lot better, try to use only your keywords in your domain or at least use the lease amount of other letters/numbers in it. After that you’ll need some content for this site, now if your trying to rank this site in Google you’ve already took a wrong turn by including the keyword in your domain name.

Their is a real toss up when dealing with arbi and trying to rank that site in the search engines because you want to keep your arbi keyword in your domain with the least amount of other words/numbers but if your trying to rank that site in Google then their is a super good chance that you won’t rank for such a competitive keyword anytime soon, I’m not going to get too off topic here but just know their is a lot to take into consideration when trying to rank an arbi site in Google while keeping your ads targeted. I’ll save those details for another post but this is another reason knowing some basic SEO is a big help.

Alright so you’ve got your keywords picked out, you’ve got your domain and now you need some content, if you plan on paying for your visitors like most arbi adverturests will do then you can just go scrape some content from an article directory or you can take it from Wikipedia. When you have your content I like to go through it and do a few things, the first thing is to make sure your arbi keyword/phrase is actually in that article, make sure it appears a few times, heck take it one step further and find a good keyword density tool, like the one located at SEO chat.

Run your site with that content through the density tool and tweak the options on the tool to display one, two, or three word terms, depending on how many words are in your keyword or phrase, from there the tool will return you a percentage amount, look for your words and see if its over 1%, I usually like to see it closer to 2% but that’s just me, this means that your arbi keyword/phrase appears 1% of the time compared to your overall word count on that page, if you think a higher percent is better then think again because Google knows all about keyword stuffing so keep it simple and don’t go over 2%, make your article readable to your visitors.

Now that we’ve done all of that you can go through your article again and simply make one, maybe two of your arbi keywords/phrases bold or underline, DO NOT overdue this, again because Google knows all these little tricks, you only want to better target your ads, not piss off the search engines so only make one or two words at the MOST bold in your article.

Now your done and can start sending traffic to that site to monitor your Adsense clicks, you’ll have to tweak your site to get a higher CTR, and you’ll have to make a decision on doing additional Adsense targeting but that is pretty much all you need to do in order to turn a profit with arbi.

Some people might tell you never to bid on a term over .5 cents when doing arbi but I say that’s way out of the park, if you don’t know how much you want to spend on a keyword then start out low to get an idea of how much your Adsense ads are making you, if they make you on average $1 buck per click then don’t hesitate to bid .10 or .15 cents per keyword because this means you’ll still average a profit of .85 – .90 cents per click. Knowing how much to bid per how much your making remains a personal choice, it depends on how much you want to make per how long your willing to wait to make that money.