Educational Computer Games

Educational computer games, as suggested by the name, are a fun way of developing personality and knowledge, they facilitate learning. They are used mostly with little kids because of this characteristic, as their favorite time passing activity is having fun, playing. Continuing this thought we all know that it is easier to learn something that we are interested in, rather than something that we do not care about or even bores us.

This is where the games come in. When someone begins to play a game he or she is interested in that game, so if that specific game includes some new, useful information then that specific information sticks with us, we know it from then. As a result educational computer games are created especially for children, in a way that these games help them in their development, in their education. ABCya! for example is a developer of educational computer games for elementary students. While playing these kinds of games children can also learn basic computer usage, besides math or reading which is also essential.

Educational computer games include in most cases funny word games or jigsaw puzzle games. These can expand the children’s vocabulary and motivate them to learn more, because, obviously, the more you know the more likely is that you win or at least you do not get to be the last one. And as the grownups, they also like to win and they also have a competitive spirit, or if they do not have a competitive spirit then playing can help them develop one. Another useful property of the games is that while playing the little ones learn to obey the rules, to play by the rules. So games have an important social role, where it is also necessary to obey the rules.

However these games are not the only ones which can teach us something. I mean every computer game has an educational side, even the shooter games. These games have a story, which are based, inspired mostly from real life moments. As Call of Duty where the action takes place during the Second World War or Far Cry which takes place in Africa and can remind us to the movie “Blood Diamond” where the most diamonds are coming from.

Another form of education in a computer game is when an item is called “Excalibur” as King Arthur’s sword given by the Lady from the Lake. Maybe while playing the gamer becomes interested in that specific sword decides to find out what that is. Reading the text about Excalibur he or she will learn not only about the sword but also about King Arthur the Round Table, the knights and so on. As we can see every computer game can be able to teach us, to educate us because of its unique way of captivating our interest.