Earning adsense money with blogs

Hi, guys!

It’s interesting that, here, we find people earning some cents per day, while others earn some hundreds of dollars!

I started to blog and use adsense to “try to make money” in the last year and, in begining of the current year, I started to earn $1 or $2 per day. I was happy.

In last month, I started to earn $8 ~ $10 in working days and it’s very good. Now, during December, January and February, my earnings might be reduced, because I write about money, health and other things – and no one reads about it now.

Well, but I’m writing here in order to explain to other starter bloggers how they can earn some money blogging. I know, you can find these tips in other places, but, if you already know it… What the hell, why aren’t you earning money yet???

It’s really simple… Simple, but it requires time and discipline! You should choose following steps:

1. Choose a good niche (with interesting keywords, with good prices and audience) that you LOVE talking about – If you choose a niche only because other people you’ll earn so much money, but you don’t like what you write, you won’t get so much;

2. Have two or three blogs – you’ll can test which niche or keyword is better, and you won’t write about one only subject;

3. You need have great content. Some guys create only 10 or 20 articles and wanna make money with it. Write, at least, 50 or 75 articles. My main blogs have almost 200 articles, each one;

4. Have patience – one of my friends didn’t get enough money in adsense. I asked him to write one quest post to my blog, in order to help you to get backlink… And that post got a good money in my blog . So I only can think my friend should concentrate himself more, to write more great content and MARKET IT;

5. Web marketing – writing isn’t enough. You need get good backlinks, create a good reputation (so, readers will go back and spread mouth about your blogs) and explore new web marketing ways…

6. Test new options – new adsense layouts, new keywords, new article sizes, new marketing methods, etc. I’m doing some tests – actually, I lose money doing some tests, but they are important to find out how to improve everything;

7. Love it! Many people wanna make money, but don’t like try, think, create… Accept this challenge: to get more and more, every day. In the begining, I earned nothing per day (during some monthes), later, I earned cents, $1, $2… now, I expect to make $15 per day until middle of next year (please, pray for me! ). So, our point is: you need love it, this challenge, otherwise, you won’t get to think how to be better day after day!

8. Read! I read several blogs about my niches and about make money blogging. Reading is very important, but, take careful: you can start to spend more time reading than writing and marketing, that is, making money. And it isn’t good…

9. Ignore “Internet gurus” trying to sell you “the best auto pilot tools”. If they were so good, they wouldn’t selling it, but using it to make money by theirselves. Of course, some tools are great and interesting, you need avoid waste time reading bulshit, ok?

10. Start now and think for long-term! I believe I will be blogging in next 5 or 10 years yet! I love it and it’s more interesting because I can earn some money with it. Of course, it isn’t my primary income, but it’s a good money.

I hope you like these “10 Christiano’s rules”. As I said, you can find something about it in other places, but I believe it’s more interesting when someone put everything in one place and talk about his experience.