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The Thing from Another World (Original title: The Thing ) is a horror film by John Carpenter in 1982. The film is a transposition of the story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell Jr. who in 1951 already as The Thing from Another World by Christian Nyby in a production of Howard Hawks had been filmed.

An American research station with 12 scientists in Antarctica receives a surprise visit from two Hispanic and trigger-happy Norwegians , the helicopter and one armed with guns chase with a dog. They try by all means the obvious runaway sled dog slay. They finally come to the American Antarctic station, where they shoot one of the researchers, as they frantically try to kill the dog. Sheer hysteria breaks one of the Norwegians themselves accidentally by helicopter in the air. There is a conflict, the course of the second Norwegian researchers in self-defense shot is so also is killed.

A study of the adjacent Norwegian research station reveals that the whole station was completely destroyed and they discover outside in the snow also have a burned corpse that looks like a deformed human. They bring the body in order to study in their own station. A doctor determines that organs of the body perfectly normal, human organs and are thus located close to the presumption that it is the body of a man is at. But you do not initially know where deformations are his. You will also discover that Norwegian researchers spaceship had exposed the 100,000 years of ice was hidden since. This ship was also an Alien exposed.

From the Alien men know nothing and take the frightened dog, who was the Norwegians hunted by, without suspecting that they are so certain death to get the house. Too late they realize that with the new roommate is not in some order. The sled dog, who is now with the Americans, is a host of alien life form , in the amoeba-or cancer-like metamorphoses shape of the infected host accepts the deceptively and can share. When the men of the hunted dog a kennel stuck in, gives you the truth, the dog turns into his alien form of life and when she first hideous the dressed dead discover the ‘enemy is the long ago in their own ranks and is hiding now a human case. It arises first panic, paranoia among American researchers. For the head of the base station and his men broke into the claustrophobic confines of the sheer terror of the, because who can know if his friend or enemy now is opposite? After a while no one is more sure to be not infected.

Moreover, by extrapolation calculation by computer out with, that all mankind, starting from this station from a invasion is threatened. The team only know that one creature with fire can destroy the alien. The whole tense situation entails that the men have to constantly keep an eye on it, because a flight is due to sabotage of equipment not in question. After a while, everyone can only be sure that he himself is not infected but not without doubt, prove it.

Not without difficulty, finally takes the helicopter pilot MacReady called the leadership of the group. After they can not get help by radio, he takes the initiative and tries to distinguish friend from foe, but the survivors are not very cooperative. In a terrible way, the crew will continue its decimated while. MacReady succeeds in a spectacular finale, and meter-high “thing” with dynamite to destroy the heavy barrel. It is also the whole research station in flames. In the end, still makes MacReady Childs, another of his research colleagues, during the showdown was gone and it therefore assumes that he, like everyone else is dead too. The last two survivors, not trust each other and have been modified to suspiciously eye to see but anyway apparently certain death in the ice cream counter and sit next to each other fighting in the snow.

The last scene and the last dialogue between MacReady and Childs shows in the snow in front of the burning station that mainly MacReady is extremely suspicious, because Childs was long gone. Whether his reasoning corresponds to the absence of truth, to know the end neither Macready nor the viewers and therefore remains open. The last conversation between the two finally awakened the impression that the MacReady “Outcoming” by Childs Although not expected, at least at its bill. It would seem therefore also conceivable that MacReady is infected by the already infected Childs and also “the thing” thus further survived in the ice.

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