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Running Man is an American movie from 1987. His novel is the man-hunt by Stephen King as a basis, but the film’s plot differs greatly from that of the Romans.

In 2017 the world economy, the collapsed commodities such as oil and food are scarce. The former America’s freedoms do not exist anymore because the borders are sealed off and out of the country a police state became communications, film, art, literature and censorship. The government tried a series of television programs, human desire for freedom to suppress it. The most popular of these programs, the convicted criminals for their lives playing in is The Running Man . The title refers to the principle of the shipment because the players are human hunters hunted by professional rather than technical tools at hand to get it. The game is a destroyed area of Los Angeles played in and is divided into sections, in which hunters have their special areas of individual and thus the normal players are superior. As a prize for the survival of all sections of luxury, freedom and a life made in view.

The helicopter pilot Ben Richards refuses to shoot at people, searching for food are involved in a brawl on the. The government provides Richards with manipulative scenes cut because of the use of insubordination in the media blame for the subsequent massacre of civilians, even as those same and locks him in prison. Richards joins two fellow prisoners to escape with. succeed in the collar to crack the code of the explosion when you drop by to prevent escapes you. In the wild, Amber Mendez gets to know Richards. When he kidnaps her and take her to Hawaii wants to escape, they informed the security forces at the airport, what a hunt through the airport and to Richards’ arrest leads to.

Richards will join three other players (William Laughlin and Harold Weiss, with whom he was the prison erupted from, and Amber Mendez) to take part in The Running Man forced. Richards as his hunter kills everyone on he meets gives him Damon Killian, the show’s host, to be a hunter himself, but objects to what Richards. Richards met with a group that the sender of The Running Man fights, and joins her. They want the public to inform of that the previous “winner” of the episodes hunters killed the of (broadcast television pictures of the supposed winner on the beach were other persons who are the faces of the winners were Insert slot) and that Richards innocent of the massacre, for which he was arrested. Killian is an explosion in order, as he and a billboard with his own likeness crashes.

1. Intro/Bakersfield – Harold Faltermeyer

2. The Main Title/Fight Escape

3. The Buzzsaw/Richard’s Fight

4. The Captain Freedom’s Workout

5. The Mick’s Broadcast/Attack

6. The Valkyrie

7. The Buzzsaw Attack

8. The Medical Checkup

9. The Fireball Intro

10. The Buzzsaw/Dynamo Attack

11. The Massacre Highlights

12. The Sub-Zero Intro

13. The Sub-Zero

14. The Fireball Chase

15. The Spare Dynamo

16. The Weiss Discovers Dish/Amber’s Launch

17. The Revolution/End Credits