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Robots is a computer animated film from 2005. The by Blue Sky Studios produced film led Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha Director.

The robotic couple Herb and Lydia Copper Bottom of Rivet Town gets a son, Rodney Copperbottom. As usual with robots, the young in the form of a kit delivered and then assembled by the parents individually. After the successful “birth” of a young robot Rodney he grows up to be. The growing up is done with robots through the exchange of components, because the family did not have much money but, Rodney gets new components instead of the already solemn parts of the relationship.

Rodney is concerned with the tinkering on inventions. So he invents Wonderbot, a robot of his father, who worked in the restaurant from Mr. Gunk is a dishwasher, working to help in the. Rodney’s role model is Bigweld, a great inventor and founder of Bigweld Industries . On television, this is the show Bigweld head of the firm is as likely to arise from all over the country invites robots to get their inventions to see in person. Rodney decides to company headquarters to Robot City to go to his idol in person to learn and know him to present his invention Wonderbot.

Unfortunately, there are not as developed as Rodney has imagined. He finds that Bigweld has disappeared. In its place Ratchet heads his firm. The changes the company motto and is now no spare parts for the robot produces more, but instead only expensive upgrades in order to earn more money. Miscellaneous spare parts and robots are no longer functioning in the city sweepers collected by the robot and press coverage and melted down. The scrap metal recycling is Ratchet’s mother Madame Gasket passed by.

Rodney investigate further, said he encounters many bizarre characters and make friends. Shall take in his search for the Bigweld on robots that are useful to him aside. Especially the red fender, which constantly loses any of its parts, his sister Piper and the major Crank.

It turns out that the idealistic Bigweld has nothing more to say in their own companies and Ratchet have been replaced by money-grubbing is. Driven by his mother Madame Gasket does this sinister plan and have his “inferior” robot to process all scrap metal. The only Ratchet’s assistant Rodney Cappy sympathizes with and supports him in his plan, from Robot City a livable city again to make robots for all. When Ratchet finds out that Rodney robots helps the poor by making them repaired, he sends him and his friends, his security robot on the neck. Cappy succeeded by a ruse to save her from the clutches of Rodney.

Cappy Rodney brings to the home of Bigweld. disappointing first attempt to fight Bigweld Ratchet to win after it took on this later but your mind and decide Rodney is out of gratitude for their confidence in him to actively support. In the decisive battle against the robot villains are the many friends of Rodney repaired Altmodelle from the city to help. Ratchet can be defeated and Madame Gasket flies in the furnace. Bigweld comes with Rodney in his home town of Rivet Town , Rodney’s father to bring the much needed spare parts and obviously proud to inform the parents that Rodney is now on his right hand and his future successor of the management.

1. Overture – John Powell

2. Rivet Town Parade

3. Bigweld TV / Creating Wonderbot

4. Wonderbot Wash

5. Train Station

6. Crosstown Express

7. Wild Ride

8. Madam Gasket

9. Chop Shop

10. Meet The Rusties

11. Bigweld Workshop

12. Phone Booth

13. Gathering Forces

14. Escape

15. Deciding to Fight Back

16. Attack of the Sweepers

17. Butt Whoopin’

18. Homecoming

19. Dad’s Dream