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Dragon Age II is an upcoming game and sequel to Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins, which is expected to come out in March 2011. A demo for the game was released February 22 for all platforms. Unlike its predecessor, Dragon Age: Origins is not the main character’s race changed, however, is gender, class and appearance of the player’s choice. The game revolving around Hawke, a refugee from the village Lothering, as in the predecessor will be ruined by Darkspawn. The game takes place in Ferelden, the same world as Origins, but in a different part of the world called “Free Marches”.


The game is set in the form of a story narrated by one of Hawkes companions, Varric. He says that for a so-called “Chantry Seeker” who try to find Hawke, and the story spans a decade, and the player is free to make choices that will change Ferelden forever.

In the game demo that was released February 22 in order to beat the player to try the introduction to the game. There were introduced including Varric, companion that tells the story, and Isabela, a smuggler who is also a possible novel interest in the player.

The choices the player has been doing in Origins and expantionen Awakening can be imported into the game and affect the storyline, very like other BioWare games like Mass Effect.


Dragon Age II has a non-linear story as told in third person. When Origins took place over two years, this decade-long story, so the player’s choice through the entire game will affect what is going on and what will happen next. The combat system differs very little from Origins, but the graphics on most attacks have been more impressive. Even ordinary auto-attack “has been given a graphical improvement, from the repetitive attacks in the Origins of impressive battle shows that look about as impressive as they are. Dialogue The system has also changed to work with a dialogue wheel similar to the Mass Effect series, with small changes. For example, you can see what kind of response gives the player, such as it is now necessary not guess whether the answer will show the player to be relatively hard or brutal or if it shows the player look good. In addition to the improved dialogue system as the main character now has his own voice, something that probably is why the player can not choose the race of their character.

The way the player learns new attacks are also changed. The Origins player had between two and four different categories with three “branches” of attacks, each branch had four attacks were and were locked up since. In Dragon Age II, it is more a grid. Attacks can also be upgraded, something that was not possible in Origin.


01. Dragon Age 2 Main Theme 02. Hawke Family Theme 03 .Qunari On The Rise 04. Templars 05. Love Scene 06. Arishok 07. Tavern Music 08. Viscount 09. Mages 10. Fenris Theme 11. Kirkwall Nights 12. Rogue Heart