Do You Have Money Mojo?

This is part cautionary tale and part commentary on money integrity.

Here’s the cautionary tale part.

During my last launch I had multiple product codes to manage. There were different price points, cut off dates, you know the drill. So for 2 of the many product codes I created for this launch I somehow failed to complete the recurring payment options. I actually feel certain I did do it cuz let’s face it how could I be so irresponsible but my shopping cart said different so I gotta go with that.

So, when the time for the automatic payment came around and some of the cards weren’t charged I realized what had happened. So, I emailed the people it impacted, apologized for the oversight and requested that they give me their card number again. Them choosing not to do so never crossed my mind. It never occurred to me that someone would enter into an agreement, take advantage of the information and material and then not pay for it.

(In the 5 years since I have been in business I have only had 1 client (supposedly a million dollar coach) who just flat out did not pay me for work I had already done. But she didn’t pay anyone else on her team either!)

Almost all of the people were more than understanding (you rock!) and we corrected the problem and got back to work but others didn’t.

The refund policy on the program was crystal clear but these people could have cared less. Naturally these were also the people (okay so there were only 3 of them) who never did the work and were never going to do anything with the material and talked about how disappointed they were with the course but then again, when you are able to see the link between how you treat money and commitments and how well the rest of your life and biz are working that behavior was really no surprise.

So the lesson is this: ALWAYS double check your payment links and make sure if it’s supposed to be recurring that it does in fact recur because people flake out and besides being totally lame you will never be able to get back the time and energy you put into working with them.

Now for part 2 – this little incident got my wheels turning about this whole topic of money integrity.

This is a big deal for me and I am very passionate about it. I take my monetary obligations to people very seriously.

If I decide to do a program, start to take advantage of everything I get with that program and actually use that information in some way but then decide I don’t really feel like doing it or I don’t like the person or I just would rather have that money back to go shopping, it would never occur to me to flake out on my payment. I made a commitment to them and they are upholding their end of the deal and just because I don’t want to pay any more money doesn’t mean I’m free to walk away.

Last year I did a program that ended up not being the right fit for me for many reasons. But, even after I effectively dropped out, I continued to make my big monthly payment every month for another 8 months. Sure it kind of sucked but it wasn’t their fault that the program didn’t work for me. They delivered on the promise I signed up for – in the end that is what matters.

When I hire someone to do a job whether it’s my VA, my blog designer or my gardener I pay with lightening speed. I am teased all of the time because I pay my invoices on the spot. One of my clients said “you are somehow able to send me your money before I hit submit on the invoice.” It’s my way of honoring the work and time they put in on a project. I don’t want them to wait. I asked them to do a job, they did the job they were hired to do, I pay it. What I did or did not do with whatever they gave me is not their problem. End of story.

And I am thrilled to do it. I love giving my money to people whether it is $5 bucks to my daughter for her piggy bank, $1000 bucks to Title9 for clothes or $3000 to get a kick ass website I’m happy to let the money go.

Fortunately this attitude and behavior has always allowed money to flow to me. Sometimes it’s flown more freely than others but I’ve never been in money trouble and I credit that to the fact that I appreciate not just the value of money but everything being in money integrity represents.

I don’t have money debt and I don’t have unfinished business in my relationships. I don’t break my money promises to myself and others and I don’t break promises I make to myself or to others about anything else either. I pay attention to the money that comes in and the money that goes out and I love it as a result money, well paying clients and people who are as serious about money as I am show up in my life. I don’t waste money or devalue it and I don’t devalue my health and wellness. It’s all connected.

Having money mojo doesn’t mean that you have a gazillion dollars. It means that you have money integrity and you make money decisions that honor you and others. It means that you are honest about money, that you uphold your end of the deal, that you don’t let your bad habits or shortcomings (lack of action or implementation) become someone else’s problem. It means that you make commitments you can honor and if something unexpected comes up you do everything you can to make it right for the person you made the promise to.

It means that you don’t expect other people to clean up your mess.

So, do you have money mojo?