DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Are you ready for the new Hack & Slash game?! DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom will bring you to the world of darkness, To be born as a HERO, it seems that fate of the world is depending on you now. Let’s improve you level and craft some epic gears then beats all the monsters!

Available on the appstore

Goblin are the weaklings as always

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom is published by trinity interactive (The publisher of many famous game like Heroes VS Monsters, Call of Mini and more). With their experience, we can ensure that the graphic quality of the game will be gorgeous! Allright, let’s back to the game story. Once upon the time in a very far away land, there is the greed king who breaks the seal of evil then the darkness creatures unleash around the world. So, the world is in the crisis once again. One day, the child of legend has been borned to this world (Absolutely, he’s you). Now it’s all your task to save this world.

Personally, I’m a real-fan of triniti interactive so I download this game without hesitation from the appstore! In order to control your character, there is the control joystick on the bottom right of the screen, the attack button and skill on the bottom left. To change your equipments and upgrade a new skills, they are available on the top-right of the screen. All of menus and controller are place in the familiar position so you can get access to everything you want so easily.

Lol!, this helmet I got from a slotmachine!! but cannot equip it yet

Earth shaking swordplay!

The DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom features are very impressive, I also play many hack & slash games what many people concern is about the game story (BTW, I do not concern on this point much). For me, I love to find some devastasted gears which deal much damage and it would be great if the gear can be crafted or upgraded. So, DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom shows the straight answer for what I’m looking in the hack & slash game. There are 3 diverse types of weapon Saber,Blunt and Axe. The attack ability will be attached to the equipped weapon. Moreover, you can also add other effect like stun or critical attack by learning a skill from you character after leveling and adding element attacks by adding to your epic weapon!

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom is the quest based, Hack & Slash game. The main quest will marked as sword and shield icon, you have to pass through all the quest to complete the story. If the main quest is too hard for you, there are so many side quests which you can pick some rewards after finishing the them. I ever acquire “the guardian set” from hunting 10 Boar quest. I trying to revisit this quest again to find other equipments in the same set (But still no clue :’(). One interesting reward is the token coin, which you use it to play a slot machine at the village. You will obtain some powerful gear from it!

Pick some rewards from the sidequests or complete the main story?

In conclusion, DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom is a good hack & slash game with gorgeous graphic, well music and shows the epic loot. With the quest based system, you will keep farming to find a reward or tokens! By the way, there is some issue in the comment section of this game regarding the display problem on IPAD3. But I didn’t experience that since I play the game on IPAD 2.