Best Ad Programs for Blogs

What are the best ad programs to use when it comes to blogs? It is not as complicated as you might find it to be. Of course we have talked about adsense and the perks and the reliability it comes with, but what if you are not too keen on using the adsense program, what else can you turn to?

Chitika is another excellent ad program for your new blog. Chitika targets the content of your blog page by displaying relevant advertising to your chosen blog topic. If your blog is about hip-hop music, or politics, Chitika will ensure that your page’s ads will coincide with your blog’s topic. This program is excellent, they send you payment every month, and it can be a great way to earn some money off of your page. But do not shun adsense out just yet; remember it is the leader in advertising and making a profit. Try testing both of them at various times.

Try adsense for exactly one month, and track and see what your profit comes out to at the end of your month. Then when the next month rolls around, try out Chitika, or any other ad program. Try to do what works well for you, remember that it is all about experimentation. Do a split test and figure out which ad program is going to make you a bigger profit. If you are not happy with either one of those, try asking fellow bloggers, and finding out what has worked for them and what has not worked for them. You might find a fellow blogger that is a bit more seasoned to the blogging world, take them up on some of their advice, and build yourself from there.

Remember not to get discouraged if you are not making money right away, pick and choose, use programs on a trial basis and determine from there. There are hundreds of ad programs out there, and the two that were compared are among the leaders in the ad program world, the key is just to find what works for you, and how you utilize it. Figure out the INS and the OUTS to your chosen ad program; know how to work the system.

You have received a ton of information regarding Google adsense and how it can help you, and how you can make some money. Everything you read online may make the process seem quick and painless, but getting out there and getting heard can be the hardest part in the blogging world. If you are working with Google Adsense use this program to your full advantage. Search for any tips that you can get, take the tutorials, ask for advice, and get help.

There are message boards for Google adsense all over the internet, take the time to look and get your answers and your knowledge. Be careful not to get in over head, and just dive into the pool before you know how to swim. We all would love to make money being our own boss and working from home using online advertising for our sites and out blogs.

As long as you do your homework first, take your notes, and pass your tests you should eventually be at where you would like to be in the blogging and advertising world. Do not forget about your Google Adsense blog positions, your page’s color schemes, and weather or not to use either a CPC, or a CPA. Utilize your channels in every way possible to maximize and profit, and make sure you choose the right ad program for your blog. It does not come quick, so remember not to quit your full time job just yet!

So, here is a list of ad programs which you might want to take into consideration:

* Google Adsense
* Adsdaq
* Tribalfusion
* Valueclick
* Bidvertiser
* Yahoo Publisher
* Chitika
* Azoogle
* Zango Cash
* Adbrite

I must say that I had most earnings with Google Adsense. There is no program that can keep up with the large pool of advertisers behind it. A very important factor for the amout onf clicks which you get is the relevancy of the ads. Nobody would click on real estate ads on a website about dogs… Almost all other ad programs do not have real targeted ads, resulting in lesser clicks and lesser money.

If you don’t get a long with CPC programs where you get paid per click then I recommend you to test CPM programs. They pay you per thousand impressions. They are usually used for forums but might as well work relatively good with your blog. My favorite one is adsdaq. They have good support and a very easy to use ad-managing system. Everything for managing is made with ajax (lol, I love web 2.0ish ajax). If you like then you can set me as a referral (hendrik kleinwaechter). You can set the price of the every impression on your website, so you get at least the amount of money that you were looking for. You however won’t be able to fill the adspot completely, no problem, you can set google ads as alternate ads very quickly.

The best support undoubtedly has Tribalfusion. Really, you can call them, email them or IM them and you will get an answer within an hour. The account manager sets everything up for you! They are very helpful and I really appreciated that when I started working with them on one of my forums. They payouts weren’t that good.

I also once tried Adbrite but made really bad experiences with them…. Earning 30$ a day with Adsense I got .50 $ with them. Was really disappointed and moved away from them.

Let me know if you need help with choosing a good advertising program for your blog. Just use the contact me form and I will be there for you :-).

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