Best Acne Cleansers

The major problem behind acne is excessive oil. This oil clogs pores and even holds dead skin cells there so that your pores are blocked. In effect, this means that your skin can’t breathe and it can’t get rid of waste products. These just sit around in the lower levels of the skin and allow bacteria to feed so that they grow and multiply. That is when you develop pimples and cysts; they can be red, sore and even quite painful – that’s before you even consider the major embarrassment of having all that red and yellow ‘pizza skin’! For all these reasons, you should be able to see that keeping your skin scrupulously clean is a major weapon against acne.

A regular, daily cleansing routine will help to get rid of excess oil as well as removing excess dead skin and the bacteria which can breed in your pores. Use soap and water three times daily to wash your face and other areas affected by acne; that’s a basic step in your anti-acne campaign.

Further to that, hot compresses which are simply made by soaking a face cloth in hot water and placing that over your face or the affected area for a few minutes are great; they will open the pores and so loosen the plugs of oil and dead skin that are stopping your pores doing their job. Regular facials will also help a lot so swallow your embarrassment and seek out a salon: the beautician will have seen it all before and may also have suffered from acne too.

Let’s have a look at some of the products which should really make up your acne skin care routine:

Mild cleansers – use these twice a day. They will keep your skin clean and reduce irritation and redness caused by acne. To kill the bacteria which can breed in your pores, use an antibacterial variety,

Exfoliating masks – use one of these every couple of days to help your skin shed the excess dead skin it is holding on to. We all have dead skin on the top layers, but if your skin is greasy, perhaps due to those dreaded teenage hormones, your skin will have a hard time shedding the dead bits and they will stay around and block pores. Exfoliating helps with this a lot.

Astringents – these will help to dry up the excess oil too.

The important thing about acne cleansers is to stick with it for a while. Nothing works overnight and you will need to use a good cleansing routine for a few weeks to see the real effects. Don’t lose confidence and swap and change your products as this can cause more harm than good for your acne. The ingredients may fight each other and cause further acne outbreaks, which is just the last thing you want – obviously! If you don’t see your cleansing routine improving your skin in a month or five weeks, them is the time to switch products and try something else – not before while your skin is still just getting used to the products. With a good, simple, cleansing routine, you will get there in the end.