4 Ways to Use Twitter To Drive Traffic


Pinpointing exactly how and why Twitter drives viral traffic to your website or blog is quite impossible. I think it comes down to Twitter being a form of word of mouth viral advertising that generates the traffic. Rather than use the bulk of time discussing this I wanted to offer various suggestions when using Twitter to advertise your business.

1. Don’t give people the impression you’re spamming them.

What I mean by this is don’t just repeatedly add people and spam them with the same cut and paste tweets telling them about whatever you’re selling. I personally can’t stand when someone does this and immediately unfollow them or just completely ignore their tweets. I know I’m not alone doing this either. The better thing to do is to actually come across as a human being and not a spambot. Mix up your business tweets with some personal tweets. Talk about yourself a little bit and send @ messages to other people on your follower list. Remember, fewer followers equals less traffic to your site.

2. Present your tweets in a creative way

This goes hand in hand with number one and could provide a boost in traffic from Twitter or increase followers. I know it can seem difficult with only 140 characters or less but it shouldn’t be too hard for a person who has created their own content for a blog, an article, an e-book etc. Also, spruce up your profile a bit. The default Twitter background is ugly and the sidebar color is even uglier. Do you really want people to think you’re too lazy to take 20 minutes to change up your profile? It can have a negative effect on the way people view you and your level of service and dedication. Also, always follow the people who add you as a follower. Develop a connection with your Twitter followers and that will generate more traffic and more sales.

3. Always use hashtags and follow trending topics

A hashtag is a way to make your tweets clickable and easily searchable. A hashtag is nothing more than adding the hash symbol (#) before a keyword or a keyphrase. So, let’s say I tweet about the new episode of American Idol. At the end of my tweet I would add #americanidol. Doing this tagged that tweet associated with American Idol and added it to a live feed of up-to-the-minute tweets related to American Idol. This leads me to trending topics. Twitter keeps a list of the common tweets at the time on the right sidebar and this is very helpful at attracting new followers. I mentioned earlier about mixing up your business tweets with personal tweets so if you keep an eye on that list and something catches your eye you can tweet about it throughout the day and be exposed to more Twitter users who could turn into followers and who might generate traffic for your site.

4. Add the Twitter widget to your site(s)/blog(s)

If you’re using other methods to promote this is essential to building your Twitter following and increasing Traffic to your site. Why is this? Well, I’m assuming you’re using an autoresponder so assuming that there will at least be certain people that visit your site have a Twitter account this is a way for you to send daily messages to them via your tweets. It’s a fact that very few people obtain a program or a product immediately after being exposed to it. It ordinarily takes seeing it a few times and thinking it over.