4 Ways: How to Sell Make Money Online As a Teenager

One question teens frequently ask on my website how to make money online as a teenager? As most of them don’t have any skill set or experiences, the question needs to consider from different prospective. Is there any job that a teenager can do online without having any skills like web development, design or programming? The answer is yes you can do. In this post I will describe 4 easy ways to make money by selling online without any capital.


1. Selling services online

You may wonder how I can sell my service; if I am not any professional like- programmer or business coach. You don’t have to be any professional to do that, yes. Fact is you can’t be rich but for sure you can manage enough extra money. You are doing some creative work every day or at least have the skill to make something. All you need to do is make it saleable so that you can give a value to people. Some site like Fiver provides great opportunities to make money online as a teenager; by providing a small portion of the work. On Fiver most of the work is five dollars and if you do 20 projects each day then $100 a day that makes $3000 per month. So don’t estimate it like having $5 dollars only for a tiny project. You will see lots of people are offering interesting service and making a decent amount of money by doing this.

Then set your goal by deciding what service you want to provide. You will face some competition out there as you start. But don’t lose hope; stick to one method until succeeded.

2. Selling your creativity

If you are a creative and doing creative things just for interest, then you can earn money also. Lots of sites like Etsy or cafe press offer creative people this fantastic opportunity to sell creative material online and earn decent money.

3. Sell staff on eBay

One of the smartest ways to make quick money is selling stuffs on eBay and making money. We all have unnecessary staff to sell. Sell that and start buying new one from an eBay auction and sell them again. You need to be careful when buying, don’t buy poor stuff from people with high price. Eventually you will become more expert on buying stuff and selling them and then you could run a business store on eBay. See how easy it is. Start your journey form today.

4. Online survey (Selling information)

This one is interesting because we all have some valuable information that’s worth something and you can sell that online to make money. Most of the time it comes as an online survey that offers some questionnaires or set of objectives for taking information about any particular products or services. They will pay you some decent money or reward for participation in the survey.

I hope you find the answer of your question of how to make money online as a teenager. There are lots of other ways of making money, but you can start with this easliy.